Mike Nevin
Compost Facilitator
416-363-6441 x231

My FoodShare title is Compost Facilitator which means I am supposed to make sure the composting of food scraps happens. I am reliably informed that the “P” in my name stands for “anyone-can-learn-to-compost”. As we used to say in Criminology class, “it is not rocket science.” I am happy to teach anyone how. As long as I remember, I was interested in waste reduction and waste issues. So, getting into composting was no stretch. Living at Bain Co-op I was able to run several three-bin composters and, hence, learn how to problem solve with compost. I have been composting at Bain for 20+ years. I got into FoodShare through an organic food box start-up that was incubating there, but I was lousy at identifying squash (ugh) and greens but I noticed that FoodShare had a composting operation. So, I played a lot of hooky from packing and was accepted as a volunteer at FoodShare. Being out of work in those days I had a lot of time to volunteer, which eventually turned into a staff responsibility. I have been trying to learn as much as I can about soils and sustainable gardening.

At FoodShare we compost upwards of two tons per month of food scraps and feed our own and other gardens with finished compost. I welcome volunteers and learners especially with our collateral worm composting. When not composting, I am interested in opera and world politics.