Nadira Yasmin
Student Nutrition Program Senior Coordinator

I am from Bangladesh, and landed as a visitor in Montreal in 2000. I think my training as a customer service representative in my very first job has given me expertise, which I find, helps me in my work at FoodShare Toronto. I have worked as a customer service representative for almost 5 years. My work as a volunteer at the school in my area was the first introduction to community work in Canada. After volunteering for a couple of years in classrooms, I was offered a coordinators position in the Breakfast Club of the school. The very next year I also joined an after school program at a middle school, where FoodShare trained me for the position of Nutrition Staff. I have been working as an Animator since 2009 and I love it for both the successes and failures I have been through. There’s always something happening for you to work on. The best part of the work is to see how easily a goal can be reached with team effort, and everything just falls in place. I enjoy working with my colleagues who come from various backgrounds of their own and to learn from the experiences they come with. Through my experience I have come to the conclusion that, Student Nutrition Programs are programs that not only feed tummies, but feed the heart, soul, family and ultimately the community.