Sheldomar Elliott
Supportive Partnership Platform Coordinator

Sheldomar believes in the power of food as a vehicle for change while simultaneously being able to comfort, nourish, and heal us.

With years of experience in food justice work and a background in community support roles, Sheldomar brings an anti-oppressive and community-centered lens into all of the work he is involved in. He is passionate about food justice work that tackles issues around food insecurity and achieving food sovereignty for marginalized communities. His interests are on how Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities are able to acquire access to land and the necessary resources needed to achieve food sovereignty and create community-led alternatives within our current food system.

A few other things that he is interested in include drug policy reform, biodiversity (places and things), and video games. Outside of that, you can usually find him listening to Soulection Radio, sorting through his Magic the Gathering card collection, and/or vegan-izing new recipes.