Shelley McCaughtry
Kate's Kitchen Facilitator

Shelley learned about the important role of nutrition through two major life events: a near-fatal car accident at 22 and a diagnosis of breast cancer at 42. During both journeys, Shelley experienced accelerated healing with the help of a vegetable rich diet.

Good nutrition is crucial for maintaining a healthy cancer survivorship, and Kate's Kitchen cooking classes and nutrition intervention help survivors improve their diets post-treatment. This unique program of FoodShare supports dietary change and a sense of community in survivors of breast cancer as they learn hands-on nutritious recipes and cooking skills together.

Shelley has been involved with Kate's Kitchen since 2010 and began facilitating the monthly community kitchen in early 2015. Shelley is also a part-time student at University of Toronto School of Theology, pursuing a Masters of Divinity, and a fierce competitor on a dragon-boat team for women with breast cancer.