Ulla Knowles
Student Nutrition Community Development Senior Coordinator

Originally educated as a professional geologist at the University of Toronto with field placements predominantly in Canada’s north and remote communities, Ulla’s interests turned to community engagement and student nutrition when she became a parent. She was active in parent councils for many years and started a universal snack program in her children’s school in South Etobicoke in 1995, which still runs successfully. Born to immigrant parents and an ESL student, Ulla continues to be committed to seeing that no child or youth is disadvantaged and all parents are engaged in supporting the school community to whatever degree they are able. It was only natural that Ulla joined FoodShare as a Community Representative in 2000 when the Toronto Partners for Student Nutrition (TPSN) first formed to support the growing number of student nutrition programs across Toronto. Here she found the opportunity to share her passion and experiences in community development with schools and communities across Toronto. In her current position as manager, Ulla continues to mentor and train FoodShare’s student nutrition community development animator team in their day-to-day support of Student Nutrition Programs across Toronto. Aside from supporting staff to help student nutrition programs achieve long-term sustainability, Ulla is passionate about her work in the area of helping to develop a federal student nutrition policy and program which is truly universal in all aspects, here in Canada. She is proud of the innovative ways that FoodShare addresses food security in all of its programs and to be a part of the team.