National Indigenous Peoples Day and Beyond

On Acknowledgment and Mending Relations In FoodShare’s land acknowledgement, we honour the many Nations of Indigenous people on whose lands we live and work, and the Black people brought here against their will through the transatlantic slave trade. Our acknowledgement...Read more

Chef Turned Farmer: Charles’ Story

My Journey: Becoming a FarmerWritten by Charles Catchpole Gitigaanes, Little Farm How it all began: Twitter! One evening my wife was surfing Twitter and came across a tweet that Flemo Farm was looking for an Urban Indigenous Farmer. “What do...Read more

Restaurant workers deserve better

An Open Letter to Restaurants Canada Thursday May 12, 2022 Yesterday, I took part in your 77th Annual RC Show.  I was interested to hear how your organization, which purports to be “the voice of foodservice in Canada,” has reflected...Read more

The government must act now on rising food costs

Ontario assistance needs to rise up to meet soaring food prices by Paul TaylorOriginally published in Now Magazine March 28, 2022 When I was a teenager in the mid-90s, then-Ontario premier Mike Harris slashed social assistance rates by 21.6 per cent....Read more

Digital Day of Action

Together we made noise for food justice! On March 30, 2022 FoodShare hosted a Digital Day of Action for the right to food—and the City of Toronto heard from us, loud and clear. The Day of Action was an opportunity...Read more

Community Learning and Engagement

This past week we took some time to feature the incredible work of our Community Learning and Engagement team on our social media. Here’s a quick recap of what we shared! The Community Learning and Engagement team facilitates learning experiences...Read more

Delivering Community Food

Across Toronto community-led groups are doing the vital work of supporting their communities with food in the face of some of the worst food insecurity in our city’s history.  Read on to learn about four incredible initiatives:  Afri-Can FoodBasket Since...Read more

We Don’t Want Your “Wellness” Award

A response to fatphobic funding and the diet culture trap Earlier this year FoodShare was nominated for something called a WW Wellness Impact Award.  We did not apply.  Here’s why:  While we are grateful that a community member finds our...Read more

Body Liberation and Fat Acceptance

FoodShare launches new statement: all bodies have the right to exist as they are  In 2019 when a small group of FoodShare staff started working on a set of guidelines to address and avoid anti-fatness and body policing in the...Read more

Community Food Growing

Community Food Growing at FoodShare — Urban Agriculture Week 2021 This past week we celebrated Urban Agriculture Week in Toronto by sharing on our social media some of the amazing urban agriculture work our Community Food Growing team is doing....Read more