We Don’t Want Your “Wellness” Award

A response to fatphobic funding and the diet culture trap Earlier this year FoodShare was nominated for something called a WW Wellness Impact Award.  We did not apply.  Here’s why:  While we are grateful that a community member finds our...Read more

Body Liberation and Fat Acceptance

FoodShare launches new statement: all bodies have the right to exist as they are  In 2019 when a small group of FoodShare staff started working on a set of guidelines to address and avoid anti-fatness and body policing in the...Read more

Community Food Growing

Community Food Growing at FoodShare — Urban Agriculture Week 2021 This past week we celebrated Urban Agriculture Week in Toronto by sharing on our social media some of the amazing urban agriculture work our Community Food Growing team is doing....Read more

Good Food Market Week 2021

Reflecting on Good Food Market Week 2021 August 2 to August 6, 2021 was proclaimed Good Food Market Week in Toronto: a time to celebrate our amazing Good Food Markets and the community leaders who run them. Good Food Markets...Read more

Re-imagining the right to food

How FoodShare is growing food justice in Toronto by Paul TaylorOriginally published in NewCities July 19, 2021 In Canada, everyone has a right to food. Not the right to wait in line for canned green beans from a food bank, or...Read more

Making pay transparency a reality

Why we called out Charity Village July 7, 2021 Recently, FoodShare published an open letter to job posting website Charity Village, calling on them to require compensation information on all employment opportunities they advertise.  FoodShare is a food justice organization...Read more

Reflections on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Honouring June 21 at FoodShare June 21, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day is now a permanent paid shutdown date for all staff at FoodShare. This is one of the commitments we have made to truth and reconciliation.   We plan to use...Read more

Decent work needs a bolder vision

We don’t need a hurried recovery—we need a comprehensive overhaul by Paul TaylorOriginally published in Now Magazine June 6, 2021 We’re at a baffling stage of the pandemic. Front line workers are continuing to risk their lives, while millions of...Read more

Breaking new ground on campus

Youth get their hands dirty learning entrepreneurship Have you ever thought about the journey your produce takes, from seed in the earth to food on your plate? At Burnhamthorpe Collegiate Institute (BCI) in Etobicoke, ON, students don’t have to wonder....Read more

Promoting mental wellness one plant at a time

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn Tucked in behind the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Queen Street campus in downtown Toronto’s west end lies an unexpected oasis of fruits, veggies and flowers....Read more