Take a stand for food justice

Take action on food justice

We are deeply concerned about the political environment of sweeping cuts to programs and initiatives that lift people out of poverty and food insecurity. We’re losing the social protections provided by critical ministries, services and social programs at an alarming rate.

We stand in firm solidarity with the communities we work alongside, and advocate with them for critical public support funding. We need housing benefits, increased social assistance rates and adequate income. We need bold policy interventions to build thriving communities. Join us in working towards making poverty and food insecurity a thing of the past:

Write to your MPP and ask them to increase minimum wage to the originally planned $15

Without a living wage, many folks feel the pressure to work multiple jobs, sometimes spending several hours of their day on transit. They lose out on time that could be spent shopping for food, preparing meals, and as the updated Canada’s Food Guide suggests, sitting down and eating with their families. Even if you’re lucky enough to make more than minimum wage, your voice is just as important in the conversation. Find your MPP’s email. Send them a note to share your concerns and ask what they’re doing to support an increase to the minimum wage. Here’s a letter from our friends at $15 & Fairness to get you started.

Advocate for a national school food program

Canada is the only G7 country without a cost-shared national school food programme. Access to healthy food at school helps even the playing field, ensuring all students are poised for learning without distractions. Here’s what you can do: support the Coalition for Healthy School Food in advocating for a national school food program. Then, write to your MP and tell them that Canadian children deserve access to healthy food. Here’s a letter adapted from our friends at the Coalition to get you started.