A Call for Compensation Info on Job Posts

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June 4, 2021 - A Call for Compensation Info on Job Posts

We’ve had over 90 organizations and more than 380 individuals join the call for transparency in compensation for jobs posted on the site.

An open letter to Charity Village

Re: All job posts should include compensation information

Dear Charity Village,

We are writing this open letter to have a public conversation about your organization’s approach to equity. Over the years you have received regular requests from non-profit organizations, charities, employers, employees, and job seekers to make compensation details mandatory for all postings that go up on your website.

Regularly, people are asked to connect with you offline, via email, where they are told some version of no.

Today we are saying that we will no longer use your job posting platform until you require compensation information to be included in all job postings on your website. 

Research shows that salary negotiation processes lead to inequitable wage gaps, with Black people and women receiving lower wages than their colleagues. Publicizing pay ranges is widely recommended as one way to mitigate the racial and gender bias that shows up in salary negotiations and is one reason that FoodShare posts our pay grid publicly on our website, in addition to listing compensation details in our job postings.    

We also know that you already know this. There is a post on the Charity Village website titled, “In everyone’s best interest: why you should disclose salary in your job postings,” where you acknowledge that fewer than half of the job postings on your own website show the salary range and that not posting the salary range is an equity issue.

Workers across many sectors are exploited, but this is a particularly significant issue in the charitable sector, where workers are asked to sacrifice pay because of the charitable mission. This has to stop.

We can’t imagine a job posting that does not include the job title, or the work location, or the main tasks of the role. Let’s get to a place where we can’t imagine a job posting that does not include the rate of pay.

Act on your own advice here.


Paul M. Taylor                   Gloria Padilla
Executive Director            Finance Director

Laëtitia Eyssartel              Katie German
Senior Director                  Advocacy & Programs Director

If you have any questions, or ideas for collaboration, please email info@foodshare.net.

Tune into the latest news on the #ShowTheSalary campaign: watch FoodShare Directory of Advocacy and Programs Katie German’s interview on the Ryan Jespersen show (from 1:28 to 2:07).

Organizations who’ve endorsed the letter:

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