In Solidarity with the Asian Community

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April 1, 2021 - In Solidarity with the Asian Community

Statement in solidarity with the Asian community and against anti-Asian racism

Our Asian neighbours, colleagues, family and friends are under attack. From the recent heart-wrenching massacre in Atlanta, Georgia to here in Canada where we have seen a disturbing upsurge of anti-Asian hate crimes. Much of this has been driven by misinformation and false blame about the pandemic, with reports of online hate, vandalism, threats, intimidation and physical assault all on the rise. Nearly half of Canadians of Chinese descent who were surveyed in 2020 reported feeling threatened or intimidated as a direct result of COVID-19.

This is unacceptable. And, while we recognize this recent spike in violence, we also need to acknowledge and name the long history of anti-Asian racism that came before.

We all must act. Let’s consider what we can do to make our neighbours feel safer, where we can build collective action and solidarity within, and across, communities, and ultimately how we can dismantle the systems that oppress us all.

At FoodShare, our vision is a Toronto where everyone can feed themselves, their family and community with dignity and joy. We believe that just as our friends and neighbours in the Asian community deserve the right to food, they also deserve to feel safe and supported, free from violence, intimidation and harassment.

So too do women and femmes, sex workers, and those who live and work at the intersection of those identities. We must continue to fight for the collective liberation of all communities impacted by racism, colonialism, patriarchy, ableism and classism.

If you’re able, please support Asian and migrant sex workers in the Toronto community through the local network Butterfly.

And please sign on to Butterfly’s #8CallsforJustice as an organization or individual.

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