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How businesses can drive social change

What the corporate world can learn from nonprofits by Paul TaylorOriginally published in The Globe and Mail April 27, 2021 It’s on every non-profit leader’s bingo card: a much sought after new board member from the corporate sector has been...Read more

All workers deserve a living wage

FoodShare is now a living wage employer May 1st is International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day. On this day of international solidarity, workers rally for their rights. Of particular historical significance was the struggle for the eight hour...Read more

Do you work in a non-profit?

Now’s the time to convince your directors to push for political change by Paul TaylorOriginally published in The Globe and Mail April 20, 2021 “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why...Read more

Collateral impacts of COVID-19

Paul Taylor’s testimony to the Standing Committee on Health On Monday April 26, 2021 FoodShare Executive Director Paul Taylor testified before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Health about the ways that longstanding inequality has caused Black, Indigenous, People...Read more

Passion doesn’t pay bills

How charities and nonprofits can make an impact without exploiting low-wage workers by Paul TaylorOriginally published in The Globe and Mail April 13, 2021 Many of the deep-rooted challenges facing our society are the result of widening income inequality. Canada...Read more

Paid Sick Days Now

An open letter to the government of Ontario Re: Paid Sick Days The Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario  The Honourable Christine Elliott, Minister of Health  Mr. Faisal Hasan, MPP York South-Weston   During the pandemic FoodShare has seen a massive...Read more

The 2021 federal budget— 7 things we need now

A federal budget is our government’s opportunity to outline their priorities. It’s how and when they tell us what they are putting at the top of their to-do list. Here are seven things the team at FoodShare is hoping to...Read more

Beyond a black square on social media

How charities and nonprofits can combat anti-Black racism and white supremacy in their organizations  by Paul TaylorOriginally published in The Globe and Mail April 6, 2021 In theory, charities and nonprofits seek to alleviate the inequities in our society, and...Read more

In solidarity with the Asian community

Statement in solidarity with the Asian community and against anti-Asian racism Our Asian neighbours, colleagues, family and friends are under attack. From the recent heart-wrenching massacre in Atlanta, Georgia to here in Canada where we have seen a disturbing upsurge...Read more

The 2021 Ontario Budget is being released today

Photo: Britney Townsend Here’s what we know, and what we want to see reflected in the budget What we know:  We know that income is the primary predictor of food insecurity, and that Black, Indigneous and racialized people experience disproportionately...Read more